Dessert Bites

A gourmet dessert is all about flavor.  Rich, satisfying, eye-opening flavor that pulls every bit of your attention to the moment, focused on the simple joy of natural flavors blended and balanced to perfection.

Our desserts are loaded with flavor, but you won’t find any added preservatives, artificial flavorings, or artificial colors.  We’ll admit — neon macarons are eye-catching and very photogenic, but when it comes right down to it, do any of us really need another dose of chemicals?  Nature provides us with a vast array of colors and flavors, and we’re going to stand by those.  Stop by and have a look — we think you’ll like our plant-based colors.

We use only the finest ingredients available, and we source locally whenever possible because it matters for our communities. The priciples we follow when purchasing are important to us:

Gourmet Brownie

  • Buy direct from local growers/producers whenever possible. We really like the fact that we can go stand in the fields where our fruits are growing and talk face-to-face with the people who grow them.
  • Buy regionally produced ingredients from local resellers.
  • Buy internationally sourced ingredients from reputable fair-trade organizations. As much as we’d like to be 100% local, cacao and vanilla beans just don’t grow in Utah. So, we have sought out vendors who can provide quality ingredients from sources that maintain an ethical approach to environmental, labor, and human right issues.

The perfect blend of quality ingredients, worked with passionate precision, will create a satisfying taste sensation without having to resort to “monster” sizing. Alone or as the closing note of a great meal, our desserts will satisfy. | 801-674-3049